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Welcome to Agritech Israel 2023 | Expo TLV | May 2023 You all get the experience the famous exhibit that will happen on the 2rd - 3rd May, 2023
The Kibbutz Industry Association unites 250 Kibbutz and collective settlement factories that make up 10% of the national industrial sales. The KIA works to promote the industry in Israel in collaboration with the Israel Industrial Association and represents the Kibbutz industries and factories in national establishments including farming and economic.

The KIA activities are divided into three pillars: Human Development, Global Activities, and Innovation and Enterernurialship whose goal is to unite the factories and create opportunities for a better future.
The KIA was established in 1962 with over 70% of its presence is in the periphery bridging over the central district with the peripheral.
Promoting agriculture and the agricultural industry
Leading Agritech Association
to the Forefront of Agricultural
& Technological Development
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We are pleased to share that the fourth leg – ESG, which we announced at the annual union conference held on March 1, 2002, is formed and reflected in the

Agritech Israel 2023

Agritech Israel events will take place in the first week of May 2023 – Expo Tel Aviv. The events week will include the famous exhibition on May 2-3, 2023. Professional conference,


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