Agritech Israel 2023

Agritech Israel events will take place in the first week of May 2023 – Expo Tel Aviv. The events week will include the famous exhibition on May 2-3, 2023. Professional conference, business and many tours to major agricultural sites and exhibition sites, accompanying conferences in the field of new food, agricultural investors and startups. Topics such as desert war, sustainable agriculture, ESD and more will be raised. In addition, a webinar – a professional business conference will be held in November 2022 as part of AgriFood Week. There is something to look forward to. You are welcome to register and be impressed: As exhibitors at the exhibition, As conference participants, As hosts visits and tours, You are all welcome to come and invite customers, guests, lecturers and visitors from all over the world.

For Further Details – Contact the Union Rafi Nevo, CEO Agritech Israel

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